Marham: Business Idea, Value Proposition, And Everything Else About the company

Today almost every product or service is digital, be it getting your groceries delivered, booking a concert ticket, or digital health.

With Marham, you can connect to a doctor of your choice from an opposite corner of the country with just a few clicks. It has been successfully bridging the gap between the healthcare officials and the public of Pakistan for almost seven years now.

Marham is making rounds in the health care and business world with its unique approach to providing a digital health care platform. It is designed to connect patients with verified and authentic doctors. Through the platform, patients are able to look for doctors or specialists, book appointments, leave feedback, locate health experts or laboratories, and get medication online.

It also allows its users to stay updated on healthcare-related news in the blog section thus helping them to save a lot of time while scheduling doctor consultations or performing any other medical task.

Marham’s CEO Ehsan remarked on one occasion:

My father was ill. During the consultation and constant back and forth shifting to different hospitals, I realized that there is a need for an authentic central database with complete and reliable information of the doctors.

So Ehsan went ahead and created one himself.

Marham: All-in-one Digital Health Care solution

Marham is a healthcare start-up based in Lahore. It was founded in 2015 by two determined individuals. It began as a simple doctor booking platform for the public. 

Sine then Marham has evolved into a vast healthcare program. It claims to have served millions of people in Pakistan with more than 20,000 expert health officials, doctors, therapists, and health care professionals. It has successfully created a community where it has brought patients and doctors into an entirely digital setting to get things done.

Marham aims to not only help people solve their health issues but also educate them constantly. It is transparent with its users and has established trust with them through its 50k+ reviews and amazing user experience.

Background of the Founders

Left to right: Ehsan Imam and Asma Salman Omer

Two motivated individuals founded Marham as they witnessed the deteriorating state of patients suffering in Pakistan. This is due to the inaccessibility of timely care, lack of information, and the GP Triage.

Ehsan Imam

In Pakistan, Ehsan Imam works as a digital health evangelist to transform the healthcare industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of, Pakistan’s largest digital health platform, has been recognized by Google with its Demo Day Asia 2018 Award for creating health awareness and accessibility in the country.

Ehsaan has worked with many organizations and clients. He has a background in software development and big data solutions and is capable of providing his expertise across various tech sectors.

Asma Salman Omer

Asma is the designer of Marham. She has the vision to provide affordable, accessible, and timely health care.

As a co-founder, she has played a vital role in setting the foundations of Marham. Her career is versatile and impressive, to say the least in her honor. She is a software engineer who loves art and design. Her avid love for programming and a keen eye for design birthed Marham and sustained Marham

Asma Omer, the co-founder, and COO of Marham says Marham’s services will make healthcare more accessible and affordable for the masses:

[Marham’s services will] save millions of lives in the years to come as patients will be able to access quality healthcare from qualified doctors without having to leave their homes.

Funding Raised by Marham

$1 Million in seed funding

In 2021, Marham raised an exceptional amount of $1 Million in a seed round led by Indus Valley Capital with significant contributions from a South-Asian angel investor.

Funding partners of digital health care Marham:

  • Indus Valley Capital
  • Weihan Lew: Angel Investor

Partner Indus Valley Capital on Marham,

“We are pleased to be working with Marham in their effort to offer quality healthcare to everyone in Pakistan at an affordable price. While bootstrapping, the founders’ dedication is fascinating, and their progress has been impressive. Our goal is to help Marham grow as quickly as possible.”

Future Plans of Marham

The Future Plans of Marham are reflected in its mission,

“To make quality digital health care accessible for all!”

It has gained a lot of traction from its users who have shown their love through 1 Million+ subscribers on Youtube. Marham was also nominated for Asia’s Favourite Startup. 

The health-tech startup is now teaming up with other startups in the tech and health sector to expand the horizons of its business and objectives. Recently, Plan9 and Marham have teamed up for active collaboration on improving society. It is their goal to create awareness and improve the technology healthcare sector in Pakistan.

Looking at the data, the response of the public, and the exceptional services provided by Marham, the future looks bright for this startup.

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