UAE’s AI-powered FinTech startup QFIL Solutions raises $1M Pre-Seed

QFil Solutions raises $1M Pre-Seed

The UAE-based AI-driven Fin-Tech provider, QFIL Solutions has raised $1M in its Pre-Seed financing backed by a regional Tech investor to launch its first AI product, called Magus AI, and deploy it in four markets.

“We were looking for disruptive players, ones that understood the hybrid reality of trading platforms and currencies, with technology and AI as a driver for a different level of outcomes. QFIL Solutions stood out with their vision and pipeline of products that could not only benefit traders directly but other platforms alike.”

~ Spokesperson of the regional tech investor backing QFil Solution’s Pre-Seed round

Founded in 2021, QFIL Solutions targets tech-savvy Gen Z users to provide platforms to help them minimize investment and trade risks and maximize gains. Its leading-edge AI engines, apps, and web platforms built on proprietary technology help investors, institutions, and retail traders maximize gains while minimizing risks.

“The landscape of trading is changing. Today’s younger traders have a very different approach. Our vision at QFIL Solutions is to provide them with breakthrough AI-driven products tailored to their ambition while helping them reduce their risks and maximize their gains on their journey for expedited wealth creation.”

~ Hani AlAita, Co-Founder and Managing Director of QFIL Solutions

The startup looks forward to launching Magus AI, the ultimate trading compass which is 80% accurate and features AI-driven real-time market signals, requires no human intervention, employs historic machine learning and sophisticated AI formulas and offers top-level financial advisory service for traders.

The startup will utilize its newly acquired funds to further develop Magus AI and ready it for launch in UAE, Singapore, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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