Jiye Technologies launches ‘Agri-Tech’ BNPL Feature In Pakistan to empower farmers

Jiye Technologies, the fastest growing Agri-Tech platform in Pakistan has announced a first of its kind business-to-business (B2B) buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) feature through a digital financing product for farmers and businesses across Pakistan under its program called ‘Jiye Khushhaal Karobar’.

Jiye Technologies and licensed financing entities collaborate to empower farmers, retailers, and businesses with quick, easy, and convenient access to credit to sustainably grow their revenue. It provides them access to up to 50,000 PKR worth of micro-loans that have the ability to be increased over time.

“Hailing from an agriculture background, I have always felt that enabling businesses and farmers with access to smart credit would really help uplift their income and help them grow; our BNPL solution is one of the many initiatives under ‘Jiye Khushal Karobar Program’ that is designed with their needs in mind.  We want to extend a helping hand to empower our partner SMEs and marginalized farmers so that they have the ability to sustainably grow their business and livelihoods”

~ Ali Amin, Co-Founder Jiye Technologies

Jiye Technology aims to bring financial inclusion by catering to the working capital needs of unbanked businesses. The BNPL solution provider offers them fair and transparent credit terms with flexible payback schedules ranging from 4-15 days and multiple payment methods including digital wallet deposits.

The Jiye Khushaal Karobaar Program’s BNPL solution offers multiple Stock Keeping Units (SKU) of fruits and vegetables in advance for the value amount of the loan to enable retailers to generate increased sales and escape debt traps.

Jiye Technologies also intends to expand into further verticals to enhance their business support initiatives and also to build a highly efficient agricultural value supply chain across the country.

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