JaduJobs — Filling the Skill Gap Between Graduates and Job Market

The age-old debate on Degree vs Skills is still on. Is a degree just a waste of time and money? Why do graduates don’t have the necessary skills required for the industry? Why is a graduate from an average institution considered unemployable by many?

And most importantly, will we always keep whining about it?

JaduJobs believes if an economy exists, jobs exist. Unemployment has more to do with the wrong approach, lack of the right mentoring and the skill deficit in the youth. The founding team of Jadu Jobs saw a problem and figured out a way to fix it.

JaduJobs sensed an apparent disconnect in a graduate’s approach and the industry’s requirements. The company works with the aim to fill the gap by equipping the individuals with the demanded skills.

The working model of JaduJobs

The program is offering a 4-month tech career fellowship. It is a well-balanced course that teaches Tech & Professional Skills, Soft Skills and provides Mentoring from global industry leaders. The key feature of the program is a guaranteed job by the end of it.

The curriculum at JaduJobs

During the span of the course, Jadu makes the trainees ready for the industry as it collaborates with the industry regarding their requirements.

The well-curated curriculum is a balanced mix of activities that build their technical and communication skills.

  • Interactive online learning
  • Group projects & assignments
  • Sessions and exercises on Community building
  • Teamwork activities, as that is how you move forward and sustain your company.
  • Live coding sessions
  • Learn from peers through one-on-one sessions
  • Share their reflections in the form of weekly blogs or social media posts

All these activities would help the fellow develop the attributes of an industry-ready tech professional. This makes them ready for any industry with the confidence, communication skills and creativity along with the tech factors.

The Revenue model of JaduJobs

The course however is free of cost, Yes that’s right. How is it sustainable then? Well, the model is very simple, when a student gets a job only then they are required to pay back or better-termed re-invest into the company.

Remote Learning and Earning

Covid acts as a great accelerator for the shift to remote learning and remote work. Companies already working on digital had a smooth shift during the worst of the pandemic while others struggled.

Full-time office jobs are most likely to fade in a few years. All setups would shift to hybrid modes integrating both in-office and remote employees as per the work demands.

JaduJobs provides complete training online making it feasible for everyone around Pakistan. This way the audience widened and it is undoubtedly a more cost-efficient model.

The focus of the platform is to provide students with remote jobs from other countries. This is a smart way to bring money to Pakistan, exponentially increase employment opportunities and enhance the exposure of the students.

How is JaduJobs different from other skill-building platforms?

Considering the high unemployment rates in our country, the job incentive brings more and more people to this model.

The relevant expertise of the founding team makes JaduJobs highly probable to succeed among many other skill teaching platforms. The team has diverse experience in skill teaching and mentoring.

Mentors as Enablers

Mentoring is not given due attention in our Institutions. The concept of peer-mentoring or seeking mentoring from industry experts in your field is rare. The right mentor enables while an irresponsible one can leave you swayed off your path.

According to the founding team, these are some essential aspects of mentoring that many seem to neglect:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Avoid information that may misguide the student
  • Listen and get to know the situation of the student
  • A thorough understanding of the student before presenting options
  • Provide An ambit of options and let them choose
  • Do not enforce decisions on them

Admissions Open for the third Batch

After successfully training and employing two batches, Jadu is now ready for Cohort-3. The admission requires no pre-requisites, it is open for individuals from all fields. The program is remote and can be accessed anywhere.

The deadline to apply is 25th January 2022. Rush over to JaduJobs and get yourself registered for a career-uplifting experience.

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