Here are a few startups ‘operating’ in the telemedicine field in Pakistan

Post-COVID digitzation and Medicine - How have Pakistani Startups made a difference in the telemedicine field?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization in many industries and healthcare have been no exception to this trend. According to data shared by the startup investment advisory platform Alpha Beta Core, edtech and health tech have secured combined funding of 4 percent in the year 2021.

Some of these include Karachi-based telemedicine startup Sehat Kahani, which had managed to raise $1 million in a Pre-Series A round last year. Ailaaj, a digital health platform offering personalised patient care services, had raised $1.6 million in a seed round, while, Marham, another online healthcare platform, had closed a seed round where it raised $1 million from Indus Valley Capital. The list also includes Dawaai, who netted $8.5 million in a funding round last year led by US-based 500 Startups.

Telemedicine was already gaining momentum pre-pandemic, however, post-pandemic we witnessed a drastic shift towards digital healthcare services which even drove unprecedented investments in the health tech space. The growing consumer base called for an increased number of telemedicine startups to cater to.

While during the pandemic, on one end we saw delivery services getting more and more attention, on the other end the landscape of online healthcare was seeing an exponential shift that led towards immense growth. At present, there are around 320 health care startups actively working in the country, from online doctor’s consultation to getting medicines, these startups are following a variety of innovative approaches to reinvigorate the health industry and make lives easier for the people quite literally from the comfort of their homes.

We tried to pick 5 such startups across the size spectrum from offering cutting edge eHealth services to 24/7 online pharmacies, they’re all doing an impeccable job in making people’s lives better during this new normal of staying at home amidst the pandemic without having to miss out on one’s doctor’s consultations.

Dawaai: An online pharmacy

Dawaai is an e-store for the purchase of medicines and other healthcare products. The platform offers a range of products from supplements to homoeopathic, herbal to personal care and even medical equipment, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your healthcare requirements.

They deliver the medicines to your doorstep and even provide the facility of getting one’s lab tests done from the comfort of your home.

Marham: eHealth services

Marham is an online platform offering telemedicine services, It has served over 300,000+ patients through online consultations. Offering a wide range of specialized services, Marham has a hassle-free process of connecting patients with relevant doctors and physicians virtually.

It even allows you to view the doctor’s complete profiles, people’s reviews and feedback regarding a particular doctor, the doctor’s timings and even their fee.

Sehat Kahani: Telemedicine services

Sehat Kahani offers 24/7 telemedicine services for those in need. It is an all-female health provider network with an aim to provide quality healthcare to those in need. Sehat Kahani has a dedicated app for e-health services.

You can also get free counselling on your medical condition by asking questions on the Sehat Kahani forum, which are answered by qualified doctors and specialists. They even allow you to consult a doctor online for free in case of any coronavirus symptoms.

Ailaaj: ePharmacy

Ailaaj is an online store for the purchase of medicines. The product catalogue in this case includes general medicines, vitamins & supplements, haircare, skincare, and much more.

Users can even upload the prescription and get discounts for medicines.

Oladoc: Online Consultation and eHealth

Oladoc is another comprehensive telemedicine platform that allows patients to book appointments, physical and online, in a hassle-free process. Video consultation with doctors is also available, thus allowing the users to get their illnesses diagnosed and treated without having to step out of their homes.

Oladoc boasts of having more than 25,000 doctors on board with them from across the country.

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