Notion Comes to Pakistan: Islamabad Hosts Unforgettable Inaugural Community Meetup!

On July 22nd, 2023, history was made as the first-ever Notion Community Meetup was hosted in Pakistan, in the capital of Islamabad, at the National Incubation Centre for Aerospace Technologies (NICAT). The event gathered Notion wizards, product enthusiasts, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and students from across the country.

The event was hosted by Notion Islamabad which is Pakistan’s pioneering user group operating in the heart of the capital, with a vision to enable individuals to unlock their full potential through the power of Notion. With a hyperfocus on learning and building, Notion Islamabad serves as a hub for enthusiasts, professionals, and learners who are eager to explore and utilize Notion’s powerful features.

The event kicked off with an opening note from Usman Aslam, User Group Leader, Pakistan, greeting the attendees and explaining how Notion is an all-encompassing tool for individuals who are aiming to build businesses, bootstrap their startups, enhance their productivity, or even build communities. Moreover, Usman showcased some of the amazing capabilities of Notion, such as Notion AI, Notion API, Notion Projects, and more.

The stage was then presented to Ahmad Waheed, who is the Head of Product at Markaz Technologies. He talked about how product management can be streamlined with Notion while emphasizing on its widespread usage among companies and individuals. Ahmad Waheed showcased the applications of Notion in various settings, highlighting its role as a catalyst for optimizing workflow efficiency and thus streamlining product management. 

While addressing the audience regarding the intricacies of Product Managament, he stated:

Notion is a unique tool that is used by not just companies or startups but it is also used by individuals and hobbyists. The Notion Islamabad event will not only help in the adoption of such tools but also act as a platform for like minded people to form communities where they can learn from each other and contribute to the overall growth of the ecosystem.”

The event was further preceded by a session with Ume Habiba, Senior UI/UX Designer at 10Pearls. She explained the criticality of each step in the design process, from idea generation to seamless integration. She further talked about how Notion streamlines the design process, offering a flexible workspace for effective project management and collaboration.

The event proceeded further toward a fun icebreaker session, where segment featured interactive activities and some exciting prizes.

All of this was followed by an informative session by Arsalan Khattak, Senior Developer Advocate at Ironforge Cloud. He shared valuable insights on how software engineers can empower themselves through developer advocacy using Notion and how one can start deep diving into the wonders of Developer Advocacy. He talked about how creating consistent and relevant content and engaging with diverse communities can get you the desired role.

Next came the most anticipated session with internet sensation Hamza Ali Bhatti, moderated by the creative legend, Usra Murtaza, Senior Marketing Associate at WALEE. Hamza Bhatti talked about how he thought outside the box to start his creative journey. He enthralled the audience with his inspiring tale of venturing into the content creation realm, stressing the significance of finding one’s niche and crafting a unique online identity. Moreover, he emphasized how Notion helps him be more productive in his day-to-day life while stating the following:

As a Notion User Power user, it’s a huge honor for me to be a part of the first Notion community meetup in Pakistan. I think having such events in Pakistan is a pretty huge milestone. For over 4 years I have been using Notion and it has become my daily driver for almost everything-from managing my finances and maintaining a personal journal to even handling my business. It was truly amazing being able to share my own experiences with the platform.”

The Notion Islamabad Community Meetup concluded with a vibrant networking session, providing a platform for productivity enthusiasts, students, and professionals from various fields to interact and engage with each other. Attendees left satisfied, having experienced an inspiring environment to cultivate productivity in their lives. The meetup served as an amazing opportunity to boost confidence, think innovatively, and take the next big leap by integrating Notion into their lives. The event organizers extended their heartfelt gratitude to the partners and sponsors who provided their invaluable support. Among the esteemed contributors were 10Pearls Pakistan, RedBull Pakistan, NUST ACM Student Chapter, Markaz, Daftarkhwan, Bytewise, NICAT, and the MLSA Islamabad chapter.

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