Here are 10 startup investors you can contact right now!

On this platform, we have been sharing guides to get you started in the startup ecosystem, How the government can help you in the process? When to raise capital? and if you don’t have the resources, what business options do you have requiring zero initial investments.

However, we realize it is hard for newcomers to go through intensive research phases to locate an investor suitable for their needs, let alone the deadly fundraising process. To simplify your journeys, we present a list of investors looking for startups and are open to pitches.

The Venture Capitalists mentioned invest in early-stage startups and can be contacted through email, Twitter DMs or through their websites. Go through the list, find one that suits your preferences and start preparing the pitch!

Red Bike Capital | Consumer Technology Investor

  • Investment type: Early Stage Funding
  • Invests in: US-based early-stage Fintech, Ecommerce infrastructure and Marketplaces, and Consumer tech
  • Additional information:
    • It is a Latinx-led early stage fund based in New York
    • Has 30 years of operating and investment experience including founding and scaling a Y Combinator-backed ecommerce startup, and sourcing deals via relationships with top founders and leading accelerators.

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Collab Capital | Supporting black-owned bussinesses

  • Investment type: Conducts early stage funding with initial investments of $500K – $750K and follow up investments up to $2M.
  • Invests in: Early-stage tech companies with at least one Black founder.
    Additional information:
    • Collab Capital’s mission is to decrease the racial wealth gap by helping Black founded businesses overcome the funding challenges.
    • Does not invest in biotechnology, cannabis and tobacco, cryptocurrency and tokens, food and beverage, gambling, liquor and spirits, professional services agencies, brick-and-mortar businesses (physical retail) and real estate.

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SRB Ventures | Investing in Innovations

  • Investment type: Pre-seed up to Series C, investing from $25 K to $1 M.
  • Invests in: Startups focused on fintech, enterprise, web3, and consumer tech.
  • Additional information:
    • $10 million fund backed by an array of legendary institutions, operators, and investors. 
    • Invested in Mercury, Alpaca, Metafy, Lunchbox
    • Invested in Tazah, that raised Pakistan’s largest Pre-Seed round worth $6.5 million.

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Hyper | A+ accelerator

  • Investment type: Each company gets $300k funding along with access to mentor network and participation in founder program.
  • Invests in small number of early-stage startups from any industry.
  • Additional information:
    • Backed by Sequoia + A16Z
    • Advisors include Naval Ravikant, Ashley Higgins, Ryan Hoover. Their sister co is Product Hunt so you get special access for launch.

Contact Details

Embedded Capital | Early Stage Fintech Investor

  • Investment type: Early stage investments
  • Invests in: fintechs across Europe, North America, India and Israel.
  • Additional information: The team has an entrepreneurial background as serial founders and managing team of the leading European FinTech ecosystem.

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Octopus Ventures | For Ideas that will change the world

  • Investment type: deploys more than £200 million ever year, from Seed to Series B.
  • Invests in: Fintech, Health-tech, Deep tech, Consumer tech and b2b platforms.
  • Additional information: Has backed over 140 teams, some of whom have gone on to join forces with the world’s largest businesses including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter.

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The Chernin Group (TCG) | Invests in companies that define culture

  • Invests in: Web3 at earliest stages (SOL, Cosmos, Ceramic, etc.) and vertical topic areas (climate, digital fashion, AR, media, etc.).
  • Additional information: TCG is a multi-stage investment firm dedicated to building consumer businesses.

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Outliers Ventures | Being an ‘outlier’ is a process, not an outcome

  • Investment type: Pre-seed and seed in MENA
  • Invests in: founders leveraging deep tech to drive the future of finance, retail and work.
  • Additional information: Invested in Pakistan’s noon academy, a leading edtech company; Tabby, MENA’s leading BNPL solution; Lean, a universal API provider among many other fintechs across US and MENA region.

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New Alpha Asset Management | Venture Capital Fintech

  • Investment Type: Investments between €1.5 and €4 million at the inflection stage (Late Seed and Series A)
  • Invests in: Startups involved in the digital transformation of the banking, insurance and asset management industries in Europe, mainly in France.
  • Additional information:
    • Active minority shareholder position alongside management.
    • Largest fintech portfolios in France.
    • Independent, proprietary and differentiating ESG assessment performed prior to and after investment.

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Avail this opportunity and reach out to the Venture Capitalists mentioned. Share your experiences with us and let us update the list accordingly.

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