Curacel launches new interface enabling tech businesses to offer insurance

curacel launches API platform

The YC-backed startup Curacel, which develops insurance infrastructure for the African market, has launched a new interface that allows digital businesses like those in retail, fintech, e-commerce and logistics to add insurance to their core products.

Curacel was founded with the mission of creating the much-needed infrastructure that will drive insurance inclusion across emerging markets. The APIs and tools accelerate seamless insurance policy, claims assessments and enables the distribution of insurance at scale.

“The opportunity is massive. And we’re not just looking at instances where people are buying insurance for themselves, we are also looking at transactions that are insurable — like you can bundle loans and life insurance,”

~ Henry Mascot, CEO and co-founder of Curacel 

Curacel allows hospital management systems to connect their system to the startups’ APIs that enable integration with insurance companies and automation of the payment process. Up till now, about 4,000 hospitals and 15 partner insurance companies have used their platform and through their systems processed claims value to a tune of $25 million.

“We provide the infrastructure for existing insurance companies and the ecosystem to make them more efficient, and scale faster to capture the opportunity in Africa.”

~ Henry Mascot, CEO and co-founder of Curacel 

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