PM Imran Khan announces ‘no tax’ policy for registered freelance workers

During the launch ceremony of the National E-Tijarat Portal in Islamabad, Prime Minister  Imran Khan announced that registered freelancers will be exempted from all types of taxes.

Praising the growth of the IT sector, Prime Minister stated the IT exports reached a grand total of $4 billion within the past two years. He further added that the government is exploring avenues to attract IT exports to the tune of $50 billion in the coming years.

“IT is youth-driven. All of these tech company owners became billionaires by the age of 20. Even today, older people have to work under younger people in the IT sector”

~ Prime Minister Imran Khan

Addressing the youth and primarily the women, he stated the great opportunities IT provides for financial inclusion and contribution to the economy. He pressed the audience to explore technology as a means for advancement by giving the example of Nadia, a freelancer from Gilgit-Baltistan.

The government aims to increase incentives and remove barriers after deliberations in order to help the country’s youth, he said sharing the government’s vision to accelerate digitization in Pakistan.

The Information Technology Ministry of Pakistan launched the portal to register freelancers in September 2021. Get yourself registered through Pakistan Software Export Board here.

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