Ajeer- Business Idea, Value Proposition, and Everything else about the company

During COVID efforts were carried out by Saudi Arabia’s government sectors and agencies to ensure that job opportunities are made available to both men and women in public and private sectors alike.

The Kingdom has further taken several measures and initiatives designed during the pandemic to contain the private sector’s financial and economic repercussions. Various sectors have taken the initiative in response to these efforts. Additionally, the Kingdom allocated 17.3 billion riyals to support private-sector enterprises and enable them to grow during the post-pandemic period and one such startup is Ajeer.

Supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic, Ajeer facilitates access to the workforce by enabling individuals wishing to work for establishments to register on the platform’s website. It publishes the CVs of labor in the market for direct contracting. While at the same time, allowing establishments to benefit from job seekers by contracting them based on specific requirements and offer submissions.

What is Ajeer?

Founded back in 2016, Ajeer offers more than 30 home maintenance services by connecting handymen with customers through its mobile app. These services include plumbing, electrical work, AC maintenance and repair, and cleaning.

The platform claims to have over 3,000 handymen on, which according to it is greater than any number for a home services platform in the Middle East & North Africa.

Speaking to MENAbytes, Faisal Alzahrani, in a statement said:

We have this thing called Ajeer 30x30x30. So we connect the customer with a provider within 30 seconds, deliver the service in 30 minutes, and offer 30 days of warranty for all jobs so if the customer is not happy, we will send a technician again within 30 days for free

Background of Founders

Turki Alarjani

Turki is an alumnus of King Saud University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Engineering. He started his career as a Graduate Engineering Trainee at Samba Bank Limited.

Later, he joined Saudia-based Advanced Electronics Company as a Software Developer and simultaneously launched Ajeer in 2016. Then in 2022, he joined Riyadh-based Spoilz as a Business Advisor.

Faisal Alzahrani

Faisal is an alumnus of King AbdulAziz University. After his graduation, he joined Al-Suraihi & Associates Law Firm as a Junior Associate and later got promoted to the position of Partner in the firm.

However, in 2022 he joined the Red Sea Development Company as Senior Governance Associate.

Abdulaziz Al-Taleb

Abdulaziz is also an alumnus of King Saud University and graduated with a Bachelor’s software engineering. He started his early career as a Software Developer at the General Organization for Social Insurance. Then in 2016, he alongside his colleagues co-founded and launched Ajeer.

Currently, he serves as System Development Manager at the Riyadh-based company, THIQAH Business Services.

Why Ajeer?

The platform aims to enhance flexibility and mobility with regard to manpower solutions in the Saudi market, to cover the needs of the market, and raise the productivity and effectiveness of the workforce in the market.

Ajeer currently has its services available in two-three cities of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia including Riyadh where it is headquartered. The startup plans to expand its operations to 10 cities across the Kingdom and take the number of home maintenance services to 50 with this latest investment.

Commenting on the matter, Faisal shared:

Our plan is to continue adding more services and eventually dominate the whole maintenance market in GCC.

Funding Secured:

Seed Round: Raised $533k

In 2018, Ajeer raised $533,000 (2 million Saudi Riyal) in seed funding. The investment came from two angel investors, one of which was an Ajeer customer.

Future Plans:

Ajeer plans to add more sectors to serve a larger portion of the market in the future. Through its business model, the platform plans to create a huge impact and help facilitate the supply of temporary workers for huge construction projects or consultancy service arrangements when no other permanent alternative is available.

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