Educative Inc, an Edtech company from Pakistan, starts a conversation about diversity and inclusion with a powerful message

Educative Inc. is an Edtech learning platform for software developers with its offices in Pakistan and the US; the company has had a global community of learners, authors and employees since 2017.

Educative is one of the few startups that are engaging in an important conversation that calls for action against discrimination by being brave enough to embrace differences and work for inclusion across all forms of diversity. 

Digging deeper into the background story of “Embraced as I am” campaign, Amanda Cable, Global Head of People said, “one of the first things I noticed was how diverse our team was and then thought – but how inclusive are we being? After meeting the Head of Employee Branding to discuss our employee experience from the perspective of red carpet in, red carpet out – we agreed more could be done to ensure our teams felt included in every decision we make as a company”.

The world is now a global community with people from different religious backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, experiences and interests. Having a system of equal opportunities across professional development and education has always been a major concern of many. To get towards true inclusion, a collective effort on all fronts is required. 

“Inclusion is something we can all get behind, everyone wants to feel they have a chance to succeed, their differences are being celebrated, and our first priority will always be – having conversations about our differences with courage so we can better understand each other because it’s the smart thing to do. It’s time we all got comfortable with being uncomfortable on the topics about inclusion and diversity”-Amanda Cable, Global Head of People, Educative Inc. 

Taking a look at their social media pages, we can actually witness the diverse workforce that Educative is composed of, and it’s interesting to see how diverse individuals understand the concept of diversity differently.

“Our campaign launch is not another PR stunt, but a promise we’re making to our current and future employees. The conversations don’t stop on social media but continue in the workplace. We’re talking about biases, how they creep into specific areas of the workplace – for example performance reviews – and how to tackle them and also keep everyone accountable. We’re hosting a blind spots (unconscious biases) workshop this week. We’re talking about biases in how we hire. These types of conversations and training will continue and we will build on them, similar to legos, as we progress”

Amanda Cable

Globally, we have seen big brands like Apple, Loreal and many more being prominent in talking about building an inclusive culture. It’s a positive sign to see startups like Educative joining in on the efforts for having a non discriminatory culture.

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