Careem terminates new hires days before their joining date

The so-called “global economic recession” is especially hitting hard on the working class as many lost their jobs in the previous months. We have been seeing news of layoffs and closed operations from many startups including Swvl, Truckitin, Retailo and Dawaai. But Careem seems to have figured out a completely new way to appear in the news.

A LinkedIn user recently shared a story on the platform telling how the ride-hailing service terminated their employment days before joining. According to the post, they were supposed to start their job at Uber-acquired Careem on July 4th, 2022 and they had completed all of their documentation with the company when all of a sudden they received the email saying that the company cannot proceed with their hiring. This announcement came only after the new hire had already handed over their resignation to the previous employer.

The LinkedIn post author also noted that the same has happened to at least 10 new hires at Careem. Another user also shared in the comments section how they were told that the role they have applied for is no longer available as the company is undergoing some organisational changes on the 16th of June. However, Careem still hasn’t released a response to the post.

Like many other Pakistani startups, the ride-hailing giant Careem does not seem to be doing good in the current economic situation. The company announced a few weeks ago that it has suspended its food delivery service in Pakistan citing shifting economic conditions. This decision resulted in one lay-off while other employees were accommodated in the mobility segment, according to a Careem spokesperson.

Many LinkedIn users have expressed concerns about this event and warned others about accepting job offers from Uber and Careem. While a lot can be said about this unfortunate incident, we feel and express sadness. Sadness over the declining situation of the startup industry of Pakistan which saw massive growth just last year. We hope that things will get better and we will again see new opportunities being produced and funding being raised in our country.

We will update this space with more information as it becomes available.

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